About The Author

Bereft & Ippy
photo by Tom Cardamone

Craig Laurance Gidney writes both contemporary and genre fiction. He is the author of the collections Sea, Swallow Me & Other Stories (Lethe Press, 2008), Skin Deep Magic (Rebel Satori Press, 2014), Bereft (Tiny Satchel Press, 2013) and A Spectral Hue (Word Horde, 2019).


Susan C. Petrey Scholarship to attend Clarion West Writing Workshop (1996)
Gaylactic Spectrum Finalist for “A Bird of Ice” (2008)
Lambda Literary Finalist: Sea, Swallow Me & Other Stories (2008), Skin Deep Magic: Short Fiction (2014) & A Spectral Hue (2019)
Bronze Moonbeam Medal (2014) and Silver IPPY Medal(2014) for Bereft.

2019 Carl Brandon Parallax Honor List for A SPECTRAL HUE

7 Replies to “About The Author”

  1. Hi Craig-

    I just read your piece in “the first time I heard Cocteau Twins” and I really enjoyed it. I am a fellow Cocteau Twins and Joni Mitchell fan also 🙂

    I learned about your website via the CT essay – looking forward to reading more about you and your work.



    1. Hi Melanie:

      Thanks for your wonderful note. Thanks so much–I had a great time writing that essay, and I’m glad that you liked it!



  2. Hi Craig. I read your post about Mount Pleasant Library murals by Aurelius Battaglia. Did you have bigger photos of hte panel with Battaglia’s work? I’d llove to see them better..


    1. Hi!
      I don’t have better pictures of the Battaglia murals….I will be going back, since it is my neighborhood library. I will take more pictures and share them on my Instagram account (ethereallad).


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