Skin Deep Magic

Magic is more than skin-deep. It hides in the folds of a haunted quilt, and it illuminates the secret histories of Negro memorabilia. It reveals the destiny of a great storyteller and emanates from a sculpture by an obscure Harlem Renaissance artist. It lurks in the basement of an inner-city apartment building and flourishes in a city park. Magic is more than skin-deep; it shimmers in the 10 stories in this collection.


“These are wonderful, fanciful, fantastic stories in their nature and yet oh so real in the truths they convey. My favorite’s are “Mauve’s Quilt” Zora’s Destiny” and “Death and the Two Maidens,” but they are all intriguing and fresh and totally individual. “Lyes” is probably the funniest of the lot. It had me and my friends howling with recognition and laughter!”

Felice Picano, Author and Historian, 2010 winner of the Lambda Literary Foundation’s Pioneer Award

“My favorite book of the year was Skin Deep Magic by Craig Laurance Gidney. Craig is a top-notch writer exploring poignant themes of race, gender and sexuality, and this collection of fiction showcases his imagination and interests.”

Sandra McDonald, Author of the Lambda Literary Award winning Diana Comet and Other Improbable Stories.

A Finalist for the 2014 Lambda Literary Award

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