About The Author


Bereft & Ippy
photo by Tom Cardamone

Craig Laurance Gidney writes both contemporary and genre fiction. He is the author of the collections Sea, Swallow Me & Other Stories (Lethe Press, 2008), Skin Deep Magic (Rebel Satori Press, 2014), and the Young Adult novel Bereft (Tiny Satchel Press, 2013).


Susan C. Petrey Scholarship to attend Clarion West Writing Workshop (1996)
Gaylactic Spectrum Finalist for “A Bird of Ice” (2008)
Lambda Literary Finalist: Sea, Swallow Me & Other Stories (2008) and Skin Deep Magic: Short Fiction (2014)
Bronze Moonbeam Medal (2014) and Silver IPPY Medal(2014) for Bereft.

7 Replies to “About The Author”

  1. Hi Craig-

    I just read your piece in “the first time I heard Cocteau Twins” and I really enjoyed it. I am a fellow Cocteau Twins and Joni Mitchell fan also 🙂

    I learned about your website via the CT essay – looking forward to reading more about you and your work.



    1. Hi Melanie:

      Thanks for your wonderful note. Thanks so much–I had a great time writing that essay, and I’m glad that you liked it!



  2. Hi Craig. I read your post about Mount Pleasant Library murals by Aurelius Battaglia. Did you have bigger photos of hte panel with Battaglia’s work? I’d llove to see them better..


    1. Hi!
      I don’t have better pictures of the Battaglia murals….I will be going back, since it is my neighborhood library. I will take more pictures and share them on my Instagram account (ethereallad).


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