BOOK BIRTHDAY: Telling the Map by Christopher Rowe

I met Christopher Rowe over 20 years ago at Clarion West, where I read his uniquely Southern take on speculative fiction. His work combines SFnal tropes with the rich culture of the American South, creating something inexplicably weird and eerily familiar. If Eudora Welty wrote SF, it might look like this….

Anyway, check out his debut collection, TELLING THE MAP.

Rowe Book


Happy Book Birthday: The Art of Starving by Sam J. Miller

Today is the release day for The Art of Starving by Sam J. Miller. I haven’t read it yet, but I met Sam last summer at a workshop and read the first draft of his 2018 novel BLACKFISH CITY and can vouch for his mad fictioneerin’ skillz.

The Art of Starving sounds intriguing: magic, queer identity, and eating disorders. It’s available at the usual suspects.

miller art of starving

Patreon for Craig Laurance Gidney!


I have set up a Patreon account to assist me with the admistrativa associated with the Writing Life (research, print-outs, conference fees etc).

I’m starting modestly.

$1 Gets you Unpublished fiction and Non Fiction (Book Reviews, Music Reviews)

$2 – Excerpts from my ghost novel-in-progress, Peculiar Hue.

The link for the Patreon is here.

Thanks for all of your support in advance!

This Is Horror/Outer Dark Symposium Part 3

The third part of The Outer Dark Symposium recording, held in March 2017, is now up on the This Is Horror website for you listening pleasure. In addition to panel discussions, you can hear readings from Grafton Tanner and Balogun Ojetade. I am also reading, an excerpt from the story “Lyes”, featured in my collection Skin Deep Magic.