On the Geek Girl Riot podcast, talking about stalkers vs. love interests (& harmful relationship tropes) in spec fiction.

Stalker vs. Love Interest, the Capclave panel I was on was recorded for the Geek Girl podcast. Hear me, Alyssa Wong, A.C. Wise, and Jeanne Adams talk about Pepe Le Pew, Urkel, Edward the Vampire and Christian Grey.


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SIGNAL BOOST: Indiegogo Campaign for the Outer Dark

The Outer Dark is running an Indiegogo Campaign to help fund its second annual Symposium on the Greater Weird on March 24. There are many MAGNIFICIENT rewards to those who contribute.

From their website:

The Outer Dark Symposium on the Greater Weird is the world’s only conference focusing on contemporary Weird fiction, film and art. The 2nd annual symposium will gather more than 25 writers, artists, filmmakers & editors on March 24, 2017 at Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA., one of the USA’s Weirdest places. Hear all the readings and panels on The Outer Dark podcast, which airs on This Is Horror, reaching thousands of listeners who are readers of Weird and speculative fiction.

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This Is Horror/Outer Dark Symposium Part 3

The third part of The Outer Dark Symposium recording, held in March 2017, is now up on the This Is Horror website for you listening pleasure. In addition to panel discussions, you can hear readings from Grafton Tanner and Balogun Ojetade. I am also reading, an excerpt from the story “Lyes”, featured in my collection Skin Deep Magic.


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