Coming in 2019: My new novel, “A Spectral Hue” will be published by Word Horde!

I am over the moon to announce that my novel, A Spectral Hue, will be published next year by Word Horde. Thanks to the publisher, Ross E. Lockhart, for taking on this weird novel of Outsider Art, ghosts, and divine inspiration. I would also like to thank the participants of the Wyrd Words workshop for their valuable suggestions and insight.

Huzzah! I’m joining the Horde!

Announcement of Spectral Hue

A signal boost for Rosarium Publishing


There’s a lot of talk about diversity in publishing. Local-to-me publisher (in nearby Greenbelt, MD) Rosarium is actually doing it. In addition to publishing the critically acclaimed Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism & Beyond and Stories for Chip, (a Samuel R Delany tribute) anthologies they also publish comics and art books from a world-wide myriad of voices.

During my last appearance, at the CUNY Graduate Center, where I spoke about racism and homophobia in the speculative fiction community, I didn’t have a chance to highlight the various presses that are bringing diverse voices to publishing and speculative storytelling. Rosarium exemplifies that ideal.

In a few short years, Rosarium Publishing has produced some awesome and provocative material. They are currently running an Indiegogo campaign, which closes in 8 days, to raise the profile of the company and fund various exciting projects.

You can learn about it here.


Cover Reveal for Skin Deep Magic, my new short story collection

SDM Cover Reveal


This cover was created by Thomas Drymon, who has done cover art for a couple of my projects. I am very pleased. The back cover copy reads:

Magic is more than skin-deep. It hides in the folds of a haunted quilt, and it illuminates the secret histories of Negro memorabilia. It reveals the destiny of a great storyteller and emanates from a sculpture by an obscure Harlem Renaissance artist. It lurks in the basement of an inner-city apartment building and flourishes in a city park. Magic is more than skin-deep; it shimmers in the 10 stories in this collection.

The collection should be out sometime this summer from Rebel Satori Press.

Blurbs for my forthcoming novel Bereft!

I got the go-ahead from the publisher to post these blurbs for BEREFT.

“Gidney has crafted a beautifully assured and insightful debut novel detailing the heightened surreality and emotionalism of teenage life. This book is full of heartbreak, humor, and most importantly a deep humane sense of empathy.”—William Johnson, editor, Lambda Literary Review and publisher of Mary Literary Quarterly

“Craig Gidney’s debut novel, Bereft, shows the vicious and often violent underside of junior high with boys being boys: hurting each other every way they can to see who survives and who doesn’t. Gidney gets it right–the sexual tensions, bullying, surprising friendships. Rafe is a character everyone can relate to.” –Greg Herren, 2011 Moonbeam Award Gold Medal recipient for Sleeping Angel
The publication has been slightly delayed–expect to see it in mid to late February.