Message in a bottle–support sought.

I don’t like talking about negative private things. This author blog primarily exists to share and discuss fiction–both my own and others–and has expanded into mini-essays about racism and my health. Those outlier essays are still connected thematically to the core focus, because my fiction often addresses these issues.

This post, however, will be more direct. Certain health issues have reach a critical mass with me. I suffer from Samter’s Triad, which includes nasal polyps. Last year, I confirmed that the polyps, which had been removed surgically 5 years prior, are back. This means: no since of smell (addressed in an earlier post) and constant sinus headaches. These past weeks, I have developed yet another side effect: almost everything I taste now has a weird metallic taste. I have noticed that I have lost some weight, because eating is not pleasurable. I’ve also noticed almost everyday I have a headache and pop ibuprofen like candy.

I think I need to see a doctor.

I have no insurance, so I can’t access a healthcare network.

I am requesting some help—in the form of ideas who I should turn to get some some professional help. Additionally, I could use some emotional support as well. Just someone to talk to. That’s all.

If you are so inclined, you may contact me at

My Kindle Fire has a name--Griot.
My Kindle Fire has a name–Griot.
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