Happy Book Birthday to A Spectral Hue

Today is the official release date of A Spectral Hue, my debut novel for adults. It has already been seen on bookstore shelves—my publisher Word Horde (aka Ross Lockhart) also works in a bookstore and did some early book displays. Direct orders from the publisher have also been sent out early. They’re even signed!

This novel has lived inside of me for many years, and existed in a variety of forms. It was called Summoning A Muse and Peculiar Hue before it got its final title. At one point, the book was just a collection of imaginary artists biographies. During the writing of this book, my mother died. Let’s just say that there’s a lot of her in this book—some of her stories haunt these pages.

If you read it, please spread the word about it far and wide. Reviews on GoodReads and Amazon help with the sales algorithms. If you run a podcast, a book group or even teach college, I would love to talk about this book, or any of my other work. Friends of mine who work in the libraries, please request it for the collection. Post about it on social media—the cover is gorgeous and just screams to be #Bookgrammed. 

Happy Book Birthday: The Art of Starving by Sam J. Miller

Today is the release day for The Art of Starving by Sam J. Miller. I haven’t read it yet, but I met Sam last summer at a workshop and read the first draft of his 2018 novel BLACKFISH CITY and can vouch for his mad fictioneerin’ skillz.

The Art of Starving sounds intriguing: magic, queer identity, and eating disorders. It’s available at the usual suspects.

miller art of starving

Book Birthday: Welcome THE NECTAR OF NIGHTMARES to the world

What’s it about: A short story about a different type of monster. A kaleidoscopic story, full of dream logic.

It’s also illustrated with Orion Zangara’s beautiful and eerie drawings, and beautiful designed by Dim Shores publisher Sam Cowan.

It’s a limited edition–only 150 copies will be produced.

Where you can get it: Dim Shores Press Webstore

The box of books and prints!
The box of books and prints!

The Nectar of Nightmares is dedicated to Tanith Lee.
The Nectar of Nightmares is dedicated to the late Tanith Lee.

BOOK BIRTHDAY: “The End of the End of Everything” by Dale Bailey


Happy Book Birthday to my colleague (we did a workshop together) Dale Bailey’s new collection of speculative fiction, The End of the End of Everything. His work is filled with poetic, Bradburyesque prose, keenly observed characters and inventive plots that range from time travel stories to alternate history to apocalyptic horror.

My author interview with Bailey will appear sometime soon.

Book Birthday: “Daydreamers” by Jonathan Harper

Happy Birthday to my friend, colleague Jonathan Harper’s debut collection, “Daydreamers.” It’s been getting some great buzz. Harper and I not only share publishers (Lethe Press), we also live relatively near each other (DC Authors represent!). I’ve heard him read from the collection and can assure you that his fiction is full of humor, and excellent characterization.




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