Queer & Weird: The indie Lethe Press turns 14!

Lethe Press, founded and run by Steve Berman, published my first book (Sea,Swallow Me & Other Stories). Yesterday was their 14-year anniversary. Taking advantage of Print on Demand Technology, the press has grown from publishing neglected and forgotten books to being one of the premiere gay presses. Lethe publishes gay and lesbian fiction, erotica, and various oddities (a book on the history of barber shops!) and in addition to new and exciting voices, have published work by bestsellers like Tanith Lee and Melissa Scott.

The press is particularly notable for publishing Queer Speculative Fiction. Several Lethe Press books have been Lambda Literary Award finalists, and at least three Lethe titles have won the award.

Berman is selling his debut novel, a YA ghost story titled Vintage, for 99 cents as an eBook as a way of celebrating the achievement of being in business for 14 years.  (Check out the usual online venues).

Vintage by Steve Berman

I would recommend checking out some Lethe titles. I’ve started reading Bitter Waters, a collection of gay-themed ‘weird fiction’ stories by Chaz Brenchley. The prose is top-notch, and water imagery abounds in these haunted tales, which remind one of the elegiac work of Robert Aickman.


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