Sycamore Hill; New edition of Sea, Swallow Me

Back row (l to r): Sarah Pinsker, K. Tempest Bradford, Karen Joy Fowler, Maureen McHugh, James Patrick Kelly, John Kessel. Middle row: Richard Butner, Kelly Link ,Yours Truly, Jennifer Marie Brissett. Front row: Usman Malik, Christopher Rowe, Gavin J. Grant

I participated in the Sycamore Hill workshop this summer with some brilliant authors.
2019 Edition: Cover by Matthew Bright
2008 Edition: Cover by Thomas Drymon

BOOK BIRTHDAY: Telling the Map by Christopher Rowe

I met Christopher Rowe over 20 years ago at Clarion West, where I read his uniquely Southern take on speculative fiction. His work combines SFnal tropes with the rich culture of the American South, creating something inexplicably weird and eerily familiar. If Eudora Welty wrote SF, it might look like this….

Anyway, check out his debut collection, TELLING THE MAP.

Rowe Book