“Sea, Swallow Me” through a Lovecraftian lens.

My black and queer fantasy story “Sea, Swallow Me” is given the Lovecraft Reread treatment by the critic/authors Ruthanna Emrys and Anne M. Pillsworth. Thanks to them and Tor.com for putting new eyes on this piece.

The title of the piece comes from one of my favorite Cocteau Twins piece, and I always associate their heavenly music with the story, rather than Lovecraft (who probably wouldn’t be a fan of the homoerotic Negritude of the piece).

Anyway, check out An Ecstasy of Arrows: Craig Laurance Gidney’s “Sea, Swallow Me.”

Samuel R. Delany Roundtable at the Mumpsimus

I’m participating in a roundtable discussion about the work of recently crowned Grand Master of Science Fiction Samuel R. Delany, which was organized by Matthew Cheney at his blog The Mumpsimus.

I had the pleasure of taking a class with Mr. Delany back in the late 80s, and he also critiqued my early, jejune fiction. Check it out, and join in the discussion with other academics, writers and fans!

Delany Collage by Matthew Cheney
Delany Collage by Matthew Cheney

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