SIGNAL BOOST: Sibling Rivalry Press Crowdfund

My pals at Sibling Rivalry Press are running an Indiegogo funding campaign to raise the profile of the press. This small, indie LGBTQ publisher has a proven track record,releasing  books that have won awards;  the debut collections of emerging poets Saeed Jones and Ocean Vuong are among SRP’s notable publications. They are doing important and exciting work.

Sibling Rivalry Press founder Bryan Borland says:

With our mission and vision in place, it’s time to look to the future, and the future starts now. Thanks to the wonderful people at McSweeney’s and Heyday Books, two successful publishing ventures who’ve walked a similar path, we’ve mapped out a plan to shift the publishing operations of SRP, the for-profit company, to the nonprofit Sibling Rivalry Press Foundation. The road starts today as we partner with Fractured Atlas and Indiegogo to begin accepting tax-deductible donations to support the books we publish, and we’ve secured a matching donation of 25K if we can raise the same amount over the summer.

If you are able, please contribute. You can learn more directly from SRP!

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A signal boost for Rosarium Publishing


There’s a lot of talk about diversity in publishing. Local-to-me publisher (in nearby Greenbelt, MD) Rosarium is actually doing it. In addition to publishing the critically acclaimed Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism & Beyond and Stories for Chip, (a Samuel R Delany tribute) anthologies they also publish comics and art books from a world-wide myriad of voices.

During my last appearance, at the CUNY Graduate Center, where I spoke about racism and homophobia in the speculative fiction community, I didn’t have a chance to highlight the various presses that are bringing diverse voices to publishing and speculative storytelling. Rosarium exemplifies that ideal.

In a few short years, Rosarium Publishing has produced some awesome and provocative material. They are currently running an Indiegogo campaign, which closes in 8 days, to raise the profile of the company and fund various exciting projects.

You can learn about it here.