Interview with Matthew Kressel, Author of “King of Shards”


My interview with Matthew Kressel, author of King of Shards, the first in a series of fantasy novels inspired by Jewish mythology, is now up at the Washington Independent Review of Books. Matthew has always been a cheerleader of my own work, so I was pleased to do the interview and give his book exposure.

Listen to me speak about writing on The Outer Dark podcast! And “The Nectar of Nightmares” is up for preorder!

Scott Nicolay interviewed me for The Outer Dark, a podcast about weird, dark and horror fiction. Thanks to Scott for having me on–the conversation was wide ranging and touched on the Negritude movement, surrealism and Rihanna!

Craig Laurance Gidney: Writing the Beautiful Mess

Also, The Nectar of Nightmares is up for preorder!


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