Black Zombies & another Nectar of Nightmares review

I’m currently writing a zombie story for the anthology Blackened Roots, edited by Nicole Givens Kurtz and Tonia Ransom. The anthology is being crowdfunded, and includes many other Black authors of speculative fiction. Nicole’s last anthology, Slay, included my most anthologized story “Dessicant,” which was produced for audio by Tonia. (You know it’s going to be good–Nicole and Tonia have a keen editorial eye). You can contribute to the campaign here, if so inclined!

Last week, the review site Fantasy Literature, did review of The Nectar of Nightmares. Reviewer Marion Deeds, said, “When it comes to shaping the weird and the uncanny, few are doing it as well as Gidney does.” You can read the rest of it here.

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