The dreamy music of Ana Roxanne and Nailah Hunter

Ambient musical artists are a monochromatic and mostly male bunch, so it’s a real treat to find non-white and non-male composer/performers.

Ana Roxanne is an American of South Asian descent, and she is also intersex (and identifies as a woman). Her new album “Because of a Flower” mixes together layers of gentle electronics, what sounds like effected guitar and bass, and her soothing voice which is multiplied into choral cascades. The music has a transcendent, slightly ecclesiastic feel. Perfect soundtrack to misty days, full of pastel grey and blue clouds.

Nailah Hunter is a harpist of African American descent. She weaves a sonic tapestry of harp, electronics and sometimes, her rich beautiful voice. Her music, which as of now is a handful of EPs, sounds like a cross between jazz harpist Dorothy Ashby and that other singing harp lady, Joanna Newsom. Though mostly instrumental, she does sing lyrics, which are in the Newsom mystical mode.

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