Upcoming Appearances and Forthcoming Works

OutWrite 2019

Washington DC

August 2, 2-3pm

Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/631330400609166/

Reading: A Crooked Looking Glass

Nino Cipri, Ruthanna Emrys, Craig L. Gidney, Margaret Killjoy. Moderated by Marianne Kirby

NecronomiCon 2019

Providence, RI

August 22 – 25

Link: http://necronomicon-providence.com/core-schedule/

Friday Aug 23 1:30pm

HER OWN DARK MYTHOS: TANITH LEE – Capital Ballroom, Graduate 2nd Floor
Tanith Lee (1947–2015) wrote broadly, including work for children and adults, poetry, and television. With her lush, dark, and often deeply psychosexual prose, she created bizarre fantasy worlds and turned familiar horror tropes upon their heads. Join our panelists as they explore the work of this grand master of the decadently weird and impossibly strange.

Panelists: Paul Di Filippo, Craig Gidney, Paul Tremblay (M), Sonya Taaffe, Allison Rich, Daniel Braum

Saturday Aug 24 10:30am

Writers of African descent around the world have been contributing to speculative fiction since the days of Charles W. Chesnutt, W. E. B. Dubois, and George S. Schuyler, but their contributions have not always been acknowledged. Our panelists discuss the history and importance of this literary movement and how the Diaspora experience has shaped and informed it.

Panelists: Victor LaValle, teri zin, Errick Nunnally (M), Craig Gidney, Hysop Loreal Mulero, Chesya Burke

I also wrote the introduction to Love in a Time of Dragons a new Tanith Lee collection of her short fiction put out by Immanion Press which will be released in August!

Craig’s Adventures at the OutWrite Book Festival 2013

OutWrite BookFest 13

I had a wonderful time at the OutWrite Book Festival this year. The festival took place in the Reeves Center at 14th and U Streets. I took a picture of the beautiful mobiles that hang over the main hall. I was on the Young Adult/New Adult panel with two other authors–Brian Centrone (pictured) and Brittany Fonte (pictured). I stuck around afterwards to listen to various readings and panels, and I bought a copy of Tom Cardamone’s new anthology, The Lavender Menace: Tales of Queer Villany (pictured). I got to meet author Richard McCann (pictured) and legendary Violet Quill author Andrew Holleran(pictured).

The best part? My 82-year old mother came to hear me read! How cool is that?


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