“The Nectar of Nightmares” in Weird Fiction Reviews End of Year booklist

Weird Fiction Review did its annual End of Year Booklist, and one of the reviewers, Christoper Burke, said some lovely things about NoN. Tis an honor to have my work listed alongside Kelly Link, Angela Carter, Thomas Ligotti and Sofia Samatar.

The management reminds you that The Nectar of Nightmares is a limited edition illustrated chapbook. Over half of them have been sold. Copies are still available.

The Nectar of Nightmares

Book Birthday: Welcome THE NECTAR OF NIGHTMARES to the world

What’s it about: A short story about a different type of monster. A kaleidoscopic story, full of dream logic.

It’s also illustrated with Orion Zangara’s beautiful and eerie drawings, and beautiful designed by Dim Shores publisher Sam Cowan.

It’s a limited edition–only 150 copies will be produced.

Where you can get it: Dim Shores Press Webstore

The box of books and prints!

The box of books and prints!

The Nectar of Nightmares is dedicated to Tanith Lee.

The Nectar of Nightmares is dedicated to the late Tanith Lee.

Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast episode 173: Queers Destroy Horror Panel Discussion.

I’m on this week’s Wired’s Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast(link), along with Shirley Jackson, World Fantasy and Nebula Award finalist author Alyssa Wong and author/editor Wendy N. Wagner, discussing the special Queers Destroy Horror of Nightmare Magazine. Thanks to the host, David Barr Kirtley and producer John Joseph Adams for the opportunity!


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Short Fiction Sunday: “The Litigation Master & the Monkey King” by Ken Liu

I started a new Sunday morning ritual of reading and/or listening to podcasted short fiction.

Last week, I listened to When Your Child Strays from God by Sam J Miller on Clarkesworld. A slipstream story about family drama and homophobia and motherhood. The fantastic elements of the story were closer in spirit to Kelly Link’s work and amplify the psychological journey of the first person narrative. Clever, funny, dark.

This week was The Litigation Master & the Monkey King by Ken Liu on Lightspeed. This historical tale, threaded through with Chinese folklore, starts out light and whimsical, then gets progressively dark. A nimble bit of mood whiplash.

Listen to me speak about writing on The Outer Dark podcast! And “The Nectar of Nightmares” is up for preorder!

Scott Nicolay interviewed me for The Outer Dark, a podcast about weird, dark and horror fiction. Thanks to Scott for having me on–the conversation was wide ranging and touched on the Negritude movement, surrealism and Rihanna!

Craig Laurance Gidney: Writing the Beautiful Mess

Also, The Nectar of Nightmares is up for preorder!


Queers Destroy Horror is Out!

I had the tremendous pleasure of assisting editor Wendy N. Wagner in assembling this special issue of Nightmare Magazine, which features works by Chuck Palahniuk (yes, he’s queer), Caitlin R. Kiernan, Lee Thomas and newcomers Alyssa Wong and Matthew Bright. Plus! There’s artwork and nonfiction and poetry, (I read slush for the fiction).


You can buy it here: Queers Destroy Horror