MUSIC REVIEW: Azam Ali & Loga R. Torkian, Lamentation of Swans.

Azam Ali & Loga Ramin Torkian - Lamentation of Swans: A Journey Towards Silence

Haunting Glossolalia & Hypnotic Music

Azam Ali and Loga R Torkian have created a beautiful tapestry of atmospheric sounds that meld together electronic, world and ethereal music seamlessly. Ali opts to sing wordlessly on this release, which unleashes her awesome range. My favorite piece is “Winter Forest,” which blends Indian-style chants with Bulgarian-style singing. Torkian’s music is richly immersive and dynamic. Strings and ouds stand out in a sea of ambient soundworlds. Percolating rhythms simmer beneath the minor key melodies. It is a masterpiece.
Give this a listen if you like the work of Dead Can Dance.
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