American Horror Story:Coven’s lasting contribution to TV History–the odd bird Myrtle Snow

American Horror Story:Coven comes to an end tonight. It was a hot mess of season that just cohered into a bigger hot mess. Marie Laveau! The Axe Man! Madame LaLaurie! Stevie Nicks! It had bitchy catfights, necromancy and scenery-chewing turns by most of the actors involved. It played, inexpertly and ineptly, with issues of racism and misogyny, with provocative imagery that lead nowhere. The world-building was weak-sauce (is the Axe Man a ghost or not? Why is Voodoo different from witchcraft?). Characters were under utilized or disappeared entirely for no apparent reason. In short, the show suffered from lazy writing.


It was addictive. The characters–completely over-the-top–were wonderfully created. And AHS:Coven is certainly will go down as  one of the most campy programs on television. It had some amazing dialogue and one-liners, mostly delivered by the actor Frances Conroy, whose role as the eccentric Myrtle Snow was the secret weapon that barely held the show together.

Myrtle Snow is a character that will launch a thousand drag queens.

The eccentric Myrtle Snow.
The eccentric Myrtle Snow.
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