Announcing the ‘Variations’ series of dark fairytales by Craig Laurance Gidney

First, some unpleasantness.

In many ways 2013 and the first part of 2014 has not been a good year for me. In September, I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2, which I suspect I had earlier. But, since I was uninsured, I hadn’t seen a doctor in over 2 years. Through a change in my diet and an exercise regimen, I have gotten much better. I’ve lost over 20 pounds and now sport some nice glasses. In addition to the Honey Fountain (the Latin name of diabetes mellitus), I also have a wicked case of nasal polyps; I basically can’t smell a thing, and have constant sinus infections. I’m in the process of dealing with this issue—the gears of getting the surgery are starting. Thank God, I’m finally insured. However, these various appointments has led to missing some days at a day job, and recovery for the surgery usually takes a week.

Now, for the good news.

I have decided to self-publish a series of thematically connected short stories. They are dark, homoerotic fantasies that draw on fairy-tale motifs. At the end of the series, I plan to publish a chapbook containing all of the stories,with the help of the DC Public Library’s Espresso Book Machine technology. The idea is not only to test the waters of self-publishing/eBooks, but also drum up interest for my traditionally published collection that’s coming out in this summer.

I’m asking for readers to help spread the word about the series (called ‘Variations’). And, of course, buy and read the pieces when they come out.

Photo by Ellen Datlow
Photo by Ellen Datlow

One Reply to “Announcing the ‘Variations’ series of dark fairytales by Craig Laurance Gidney”

  1. Thanks Craig for advance notice of your collection of fairytale retellings. I’ll let my fellow folklorists in the Monash Fairy Tale Salon know in due course, as well as faery enthusiasts in the international ethereal music scene. Am I to understand from your post that there will be two books: one online initially, then another in hardcopy, perhaps with variation of contents? Curious to read more of your fabulous writing, as I’ve loved your previous books and earlier manuscripts. Wishing you a swift recovery, too. Cool glasses! I’m onto my third pair now! Due to Mark’s illness & other reasons I’ve slowed down releases & touring but there is plenty bubbling away out of the limelight and you’ll be one of the first to know when it surfaces. Glad you’ve survived the icy conditions of northern USA while we’ve survived the heatwaves & bushfires of southern Australia. Fey regards, Louisa.


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