Dog Days of Summer: Workshops & Readings

It’s been a busy two weeks for me.
At the end of July I attended a novel writing workshop. It was an intense 5 days held in a beautiful and remote location, full of serious talks about craft and not-so-serious geeking out. I shared the experience with amazing people. You should check out their work immediately:

Mary Anne Mohanraj
Sam J. Miller
K Tempest Bradford
Scott Woods
Eric San Juan

I am certain to have a better novel because of the workshop. (Thanks to Stephen Segal  and Valya Dudycz Lupescu for running such an enjoyable and productive workshop).
This past weekend, I read at the #OutWrite2016 LBGT Book Fair as a part of the Stars in Their Pockets speculative fiction group reading. Thanks again to everyone who came out to hear Sunny Moraine, James Suriano, Racheline Maltese, Erin McRae and myself read.


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