My schedule at #NecronomiConPVD

Despite the real-life horror going on in the country, I will be leaving for Providence tomorrow. My schedule is below.

Friday – 10:30-11:45am
AUTHOR READINGS – L’Apogee, Biltmore 17th Floor
Victoria Dalpe, Paul Di Filippo, Craig L. Gidney, Catherine Grant

Sunday – 9-10:15am

Before the short story, the novel, or even the play- there was the fable and fabulism has been a constant thread throughout the history of horror and weird fiction and, in recent years, many writers have been more openly showcasing fabulism in their work. This panel seeks to explore the phenomenon, it’s history, and it’s current use with several contemporary writers who have, themselves, embraced fabulism as a driving factor in their own work.
Panelists: Craig Gidney, J.T. Glover, Kij Johnson, Nnedi Okorafor, Simon Strantzas (Moderator), Peter Straub

Sunday – 10:30-11:45am

THE DREADED SURREAL: Landscapes in Weird Fiction – Newport-Washington, Omni 3rd Floor
External landscapes have been something of a dark playground for weird fiction writers and artists throughout the history of the genre. Many bizarre and unsettling places have served as the settings for countless memorable works. Which of these fictional places have been most memorable in the minds of artists and writers working in horror, weird fiction, and science fiction today? What strange, terrifying places may yet be created? And how might they steer the genre in terms of narrative structure and content?
Panelists: Christopher Burke, Craig Gidney, Mike Griffin, Eric Schaller (Moderator)

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