My schedule at the Baltimore Book Festival (Sept 22 – 24)



Saturday Sept 23

2 PM: #OwnVoices: What Does It Mean to Write What You Know? Identity and SF/F
Authors discuss what it’s like writing characters who share their own marginalized identities and mapping issues of identity into science fiction and fantasy.

Authors: Craig Laurance Gidney, Kosoko Jackson, Sam J Miller, Day al-Mohamed, K.M. Szpara

4 PM: Turning Old Monsters Into New
Still scared of the Boogie Man? Our panel resurrects the monsters you grew up with, talks about all the monsters you grew up with, from fairy tales to urban fantasy to myths and legends and the thing underneath your bed, discuss how modern fiction is reinterpreting them.

Authors: Scott Edelman, Ruthanna Emrys, Craig Laurance Gidney, Vivian Shaw, Ruth Vincent. Moderator: Scott H. Andrews

Sunday September 24

12 PM Politics, Resistance, & Speculative Fiction
Science fiction and fantasy have always been political, and have always used genre trappings to explore the here and now through the past and future. What does that look like in the current political climate?
Authors: Lara Elena Donnelly, Ruthanna Emrys, Craig Laurance Gidney, Addison Gunn, Malka Older. Moderator: Scott H. Andrews

1 PM – Signing (w/ Tom Doyle)

2 PM Fantasy: It’s Epic, it’s Historic, it’s Dark or Weird or High or Low or Urban
How are all of the categories of fantasy even the same genre? From dungeons to dragons to vampires in our midst, our panel will discuss what they love, what they write, and what you should be reading.

Authors: DH AIre, Ruthanna Emrys, Craig Laurance Gidney, Jeremy M. Gottwig, Ilana C. Myer, Ruth Vincent. Moderator: Jon Skovron

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