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Fri Nov 9 4:00:pm Fri Nov 9 5:00:pm #OwnVoice In Storytelling
166 B What started out as a kid-lit movement, has emerged to be a discussion of representation in all the stories we consume. What does it mean for books, or other media, to be part of #ownvoice? How does the diversity of the creators influence the voice of the story?
Craig Laurance Gidney Crystal Connor Maquel A. Jacob
Fri Nov 9 6:00:pm Fri Nov 9 7:00:pm Gender and Sexuality: The Divide
Overton A discussion about the difference between gender and sexuality and why both need to be present on page. What does it take to be mindful of Queer readers when writing SFF with Queer characters?
Craig Laurance Gidney Elton Elliott Greg Hallock J.S. Fields Taylor Brooke
Sat Nov 10 11:00:am Sat Nov 10 12:00:pm Historical Queerness
Lovejoy Queer theory and how it can inform readings of fiction/literature from the Victorian era, such as Frankenstein and Sherlock Holmes.
Arwen Spicer Craig Laurance Gidney Elinor Gray L.M. Pierce Maquel A. Jacob
Sat Nov 10 3:00:pm Sat Nov 10 4:00:pm Why inclusion in Media Matters
Overton Inclusion for media, whether it is television, film or social media, has been a major topic for some time. It seems to be getting more confusing and frustrating. Panelist will discuss current examples with the strides we have made and far we need to go.
Craig Laurance Gidney Judith R. Conly Steven Barnes
Sat Nov 10 6:00:pm Sat Nov 10 7:00:pm Backlash of Afrofuturism
Overton With the growing popularity of Afrofuturism, assumptions for POC writers has emerged. Does this invalidate their story telling? Is it fair to call them traitors to their culture and ethnicity?
Craig Laurance Gidney Frog Jones Maquel A. Jacob Tristan J. Tarwater
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