Potential stories in Sea, Swallow Me

1. The Safety of Thorns. A Southern Gothic retelling of the Erl King, with African mythology.
2. Etiolate. David Lynchian erotic horror in Baltimore’s goth scene.
3. Her Spirit Hovering. Modern Southern Gothic with black humorous twist
4. Come Join We. A young boy with the ability to see spirits, set in a Southern coastal island in the 1960s.
5. Sea, Swallow Me. A tourist has an encounter with a sea god.
6. Circus Boy Without A Safety Net. An allegorical coming out story.
7. Strange Alphabets. Historical fantasy. The poet Rimbaud meets his unlikely muse.
8. Magpie Sisters. Flash Fiction about the goddess of kleptomaniacs.
9. A Bird of Ice. Historical Fantasy. A twelfth century Japanese monk attracts the attention of a mischievous shape shifter.
10. Catch Him By the Toe. Southern Gothic novella. Race relations and the supernatural collide in the sleepy Southern town in the 1930s.

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