Sarah Singleton Reviews Sea, Swallow Me!


One of the criminally underrated ya authors (whose excellent novel Heretic was published last year in the US as Out of the Shadows) says this about Sea, Swallow Me in her Amazon review:

4.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful, lyrical and powerful, January 9, 2009

Craig Laurence Gidney’s anthology of short stories is a jewel box of literary treats. Evocative, sensual, passionate and beautifully written, Gidney communicates a powerful sense of place and conveys with compassion and insight what it feels like to be outside the mainstream. The collection provides many delicious confections for the lover of the arcane, the decadent and the gothic, such as the carnival (Catch Him by the Toe) and the penniless Parisian artist Rimbaud (Strange [Alphabets]). The tone is leavened by a dark humour (the mother in Her Spirit Hovering is a scream) and the stories contain many brilliant scenes. It is hard to pick a favourite but I think I’ll go for Circus-Boy without a Safety Net because of the emotional impact created for me in the scene when CB’s parents find his doll and strip his bedroom – the sense of the boy’s precious dream and the shame his parents inflict on him are shattering. It’s a marvellous collection, in both senses of the word.

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