Tanith Lee Blurb


The legendary author Tanith Lee has agreed to blurb Sea, Swallow Me.  Future copies of the book will have an edited version of the following blurb.

Sea, Swallow Me is a wonderfully original and eventful collection, whose stories range from the supernatural to the historical to the right-now moment. Craig Gidney combines an exceptional gift for prose poetry – often as dark and steely as it is beautiful – with an unerring sense of the preposterous and the horrifying. ( But add to that also occasional hilarity that should make a stone laugh aloud.) He breaks rules and remakes them, as many talented writers will, and is undaunted by the murks of society or psyche. Though inevitably ( and rightly ) he brings to his work the voices of Black and Gay Experience, what speaks most strongly throughout is the Human Experience – yes, even when confronted by a god of the sea. Here are elements of the young Ray Bradbury, of John Steinbeck, of Toni Morrison and James Baldwin and Angela Carter. But most of all it is the uniqueness of Gidney’s own take on life, clad in vivid, cunning and, in places, Dionysian language, that make this a must-read ( and read again ) collection. With new writers producing work of this caliber, the future of books looks bright.

Thanks to Ms. Lee.  It truly is an honor!

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