Icarus 7: Winter 2010

I acquired 3 stories printed in the forthcoming issue of Icarus:  The Magazine of Gay Speculative Fiction.  I’d be awfully happy if you bought the magazine–or subscription!

The seventh issue of Icarus released next week: Winter 2010 has several stories that will contribute to your shivers, of delight and dread. Hauntology is a genre of music that combines voices from obsolete recording technology with modern electronics. “Lonesome Road,” by Matt Cheney, is almost a literary version of hauntology, a different kind of ghost story—postmodern, but chilling all the same. Distant voices also play a role in Sunny Morvaine’s “The Shapes of Shadows,” a mysterious tale of alien technology. Esoteric knowledge, lust and revenge spill through the pages of Alejandro Omidsalar’s “Abbadon’s First Rule,” a tale of horror and black comedy. And “Bargain Books” asks the question, is invisibility a blessing or a curse for gays? “Blue Moon,” this issue’s poem, shows that mothers don’t always know best. Hal Duncan is one of my favorite authors. Every time he publishes a short story, the field of gay speculative fiction is that much richer. So we hope you take some delight in Craig Gidney’s interview with the man.

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