My schedule at the Atlanta Queer Literary Festival on June 23-25

Saturday, June 25, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Day of Readings, Panels & Workshops at Decatur Public Library

11 a.m. to noon: Brunch in the lobby

11 a.m. Social Media Panel: Collin Kelley, Karen Head, Stan Fong

12 p.m. Publishing Panel: Bryan Borland, Craig Gidney, Philip Rafshoon

1 p.m. Film Panel: Andy Ditzler, Alex Arias, Taryn Crenshaw, Jim Farmer

2 p.m. Fiction Panel: Daniel Allex Cox, Craig Gidney, Collin Kelley

2 p.m. Poetry Reading: Akinfe Fatou, Bryan Borland

3 p.m. Diversity in Literature: Kerrie Cotton Williams, Akinfe Fatou, Bucky Motter, Charone Padgett, Craig Gidney

4 p.m. Poetry Workshop: Akinfe Fatou

4 p.m. Fiction Reading: Daniel Allen Cox, Megan Volpert, Daniel Black

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