Writing BEREFT: My journey in 8 points.

1. I do well with an outline

a. The outline is a guide, and therefore very loose. Not set in stone.

2. I can write from 300-500 words after a day of work and 500- 1000 words on the weekends.

3. Scrivener really helps. Some features I used:

a. Word countdown sessions, where you set your goal and as you type, the word count goes down. It makes writing a lot less intimidating.

b. Read aloud—where a robovoice reads what you wrote aloud, and helps catches mistakes

4. Wordless music. My favorite is ambient/postrock/neoclassical. It puts my into the world I’m trying to create.

a. When stuck, putting on a silly song (like L’il Mama’s “Lip Gloss” or Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl”) resets me. (And I be lovin’ it, lovin’ it)

5. Reading blogs and tweets about other writer’s journeys can be inspiring!

6. Reading blogs and tweets about other writer’s journeys can be depressing!

7. Keeping a concurrent journal where you can write down phrases and ideas and brainstorms while you write really helps

a. Carry a journal (if not The Journal) with you everywhere. Or use your smartphone/tablet to jot down any ideas that come to you immediately.

8. Having a friend on speed dial who can talk you down during those hard moments really helps!

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