Craig Gidney’s Interview with Out In Print!

Gavin Atlas interviewed me about Bereft and my other fiction for the blog Out In Print. Here’s a sneak peek:

GA: Because of the focus on angel statues and masks in Bereft, may I ask what do you have on the walls of your room?   How does the art or design in your space affect your mood and your writing, if at all? 

CLG: In my writing room, which doubles as a bedroom, there are a few framed posters. Two are by the surrealist artist Leonora Carrington and one by Max Ernst. Above my bed, a painting of a cobalt blue woman’s mask stares out above me. A row of glass paperweights sits on my chest of drawers. I must create in a sanctuary of sorts, I find. I turn on music when I’m writing—both the visual and aural art help submerse me into my fictional worlds. I also have to pick the right font to write my stories in!

Read the rest of the interview.

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