A Definitive Guide To White Privilege

Interesting post about White Privilege. I agree strongly with #9 and #16. (I’ve been that brown student….)

Thought Catalog

0) White privilege, like whiteness itself, is intangible.

1) The problem with race in America is that people from all sorts of backgrounds coast through life without realizing how race still matters. They will make blanket statements like “we don’t have slavery anymore” or “there’s a black president now” or, even worse, “all of that stuff happened so long ago.” But that’s just it – it didn’t happen all that long ago, actually, and it is still happening. Cultural amnesia.

2) Whenever “diversity” or “race” comes up as a way to create opportunities for minorities, someone will say, “Race shouldn’t matter as much as merit. I don’t think people should be judged based on the color of their skin. Everyone should be judged without regards to their skin.” And they’re exactly right.

3) Because race isn’t about skin color. Race is a systemic, governmental, juridical set of processes rooted in…

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