Recap of Sci-Fi Alien(ation) Panel on GeeksOut

There’s a good summary of the  panel I was on last month (about bigotry in Speculative  Fiction, the puppy factions, etc.) over at the GeeksOut blog. The piece highlights the points made by my co-panelists, Andre Carrington and Jennifer Marie Brissett.


From the article:

Keeping the topic of literary awards going, Craig Laurance Gidney took the first deep dive into the 2015 Hugo Controversy. He opened his remarks by reading an excerpt from Sad Puppies leader Brad R. Torgersen, in which Torgersen admonishes today’s Science Fiction for containing too much subtext. He glamorizes the days when books with spaceships on the cover were just books about space adventure, and not allegories for slavery or other things he’d rather not think about. Gidney then tore into this short-sighted logic for its fundamental flaw: there has always been subtext in Speculative Fiction.

Be sure to check out the rest of the article here.


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