Book Radar: The Fissure King by Rachel Pollack

Rachel Pollack has a new book out, called The Fissure King (Underland Press). In addition to writing award-winning speculative fiction that centers queer and transwomen (her novel Godmother Night won the World Fantasy Award), she is one of the foremost experts on the Tarot.  Also, Pollack was one of my instructors at Clarion West over 20 years ago. I can’t wait to read this!


From the back cover copy:

Inspired equally by the classic TV noir Western, Have Gun, Will Travel, and Vladimir Nabokov’s most daring novel, Pale Fire, multiple award-winning writer Rachel Pollack brings us the adventures of Jack Shade, occult “Traveler” and modern shaman for hire. Jack has a secret, and this hidden part of his past sends him on a journey through spells and gateways to other worlds, each one stranger than the last, filled with such figures as professional Dream Hunters, gangster magicians, an invisible spirit fox named Ray, an elegant Jinni named Archie, and the Queen of Eyes—holder of all oracular power in the world. From the high stakes poker table in the Hôtel de Rêve Noire, to the deadly Forest Of Souls, to a cave where he must trap a sixty-five thousand year old demon, Jack flows in and out of this world. Even when his own dream duplicate hires him to kill himself, Jack is mercury in motion—Jack the Nimble, Jack the Quick—until he runs out of tricks and must face his greatest fear.

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