I’ll be appearing at various events/readings/panels this fall!

October 18 @ 7PM

Reading at the Bureau of General Services Queer Division Bookstore in NYC

Violet Ghosts: Reading with Trebor Healey

Event Link: http://bgsqd.com/event/violet-ghosts/

October 20 @ 7PM

Enclave Reading Series

Club Cumming NYC

ENCLAVE Reading Series returns to CLUB CUMMING next month with a stellar lineup of authors gleaned from NYC and beyond. The program is an Enclave-patented eclectic mix of some of the most resonant voices in literary fiction, science fiction, personal essay, and creative non-fiction. It will be a a magnificent journey into the work and minds of five fantastic authors on a bill you will find nowhere else: Emanuel Xavier, Trebor Healey, Craig L. Gidney, Ricky Tucker, and Court Stroud.

October 30 @ 12:30 – 1:30PM

Library of Congress Panel “Modern Horror: Deconstructing the Genre” 

Ruthanna Emrys, Marianne Kirby

November 1 @ 7PM

Reading at Rhizome in DC

Tales of Horror and Dread

Tales of Horror & Dread II, an evening of horror and spooky stories. 7pm November 1st. $10. Featuring readings from Nino Cipri, Craig L. Gidney, Marianne Kirby, Nibedita Sen, dave ring and Jay Wolf. Nightmare soundscapes by Joe Zeranski. Ambiance by Miri Baker. Also: tarot readings, a necromancer cotillion, and who knows what else! Creepy dress encouraged; when in doubt, put a skull on it. Boo. 

Event Link: http://www.rhizomedc.org/new-events/2019/11/1/tales-of-horror-and-dread

Baltimore Book Festival

November 2

7 PM       With the Lights on It’s Less Dangerous

Talking dark fantasy and horror with some of the stars of those fields. 

Nino Cipri, Scott Edelman, Craig Gidney, Micah Dean Hicks, AC Wise

November 3

5 PM       Building Queerer Worlds

Panelists: Craig Gidney, Victoria Lee, Nibedita Sen, Elsa Sjunneson-Henry KM Szpara, Alison Wilgus

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