lovesliescrushing “glissceule”(music review)

I finally got around to buying Lovesliescrushing non-Projekt release, called Glissceule (2002). It is more of the band’s gorgeous sonic sculptures. Scott Cortez‘s music eschews song structure so calling the pieces compositions seems to fit. He warps guitar songs and feedback into strange shapes that burn as much as they soothe. The resulting ethereal noise is closer to ambient music than it is traditional rock music—the arrangements are orchestral, with layers of strumming, plucking filtered through various pedals and effects. The wispy voice of Melissa Arpin-Duimstra is woven through the intricate shimmering tapestries. She mostly vocalizes, but there are occasional words. The compositions are titled in a mysterious language of her own devising. It sounds pretensious on paper, but if anyone can justify songs titles like ‘ursec’, ‘suischre’ and ‘vusshein,’ surely Lovesliescrushing can.

ref. My Bloody Valentine, ambient music, shoegaze, Cocteau Twins

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