Capclave Schedule — September 30 – Oct 2

Below is my Capclave schedule. Eager to see other authors and fans…..

Saturday 11:30 am

Queer Stories Front and Center: Mainstreaming LGBTQ Voices (Ends at: 12:25 pm)

Participants: Craig Laurance GidneyJennifer R. PoveyJoshua Benjamin PalmatierKelley SkovronSteven Piziks (M)

LGBTQ+ stories are among the most successful – and most targeted – works of fiction in recent years. Panelists recognize the important visibility of queer stories and discuss the challenges that make it difficult for LGBTQ+ stories and authors to exist in the mainstream.

Saturday 2:30 pm

In Defense of the Standalone Novel (Ends at: 3:25 pm)

Participants: A.C. Wise (M), Craig Laurance GidneyIan Randal StrockIrene GalloNatalie LuhrsUrsula Vernon

In a sea of book series, the standalone novel can be a breath of fresh air. What are the virtues of the standalone novel and what makes for a good one? Might there be a resurgence of the standalone novel in the near future?

Saturday 4:30 pm


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