Books & Burlesque Promotional Photos

On December 2, I will be reading at the Books & Burlesque event in New York City at Caveat Club

From the website:

The December edition of “Books and Burlesque” is hosted by Fortune Cookie and features award-winning authors reading excerpts from their new books: Aimee Lutkin’s nonfiction memoir “The Lonely Hunter: How Our Search for Love Is Broken”; Craig Laurance Gidney’s collection of short stories “The Nectar of Nightmares”; Ricky Tucker’s nonfiction book “And the Category Is… Inside New York’s Vogue, House and Ballroom Community” and YZ Chin’s “Edge Case.”

The burlesque/boylesque/drag performers we are featuring are Rosie Tulips, Fortune Cookie, Beleza and Zebra. Stage Kitten: Ty Valentine.

Tickets and other information about the event is here: (

Fortune Cookie has provided me with these fabulous promotional images of the performers and the featured books. It promises to be a great time!

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