MUSIC REVIEW: Chloë March’s autumnal “Starlings and Crows”

“Starlings and Crows,” the new album by Chloë March, is an autumnal song cycle full of rich electronics, dark honeyed vocals and startling touches, like crystalline piano chord progressions and shimmering autoharp strums. It’s richly atmospheric, full of nature imagery and Romantic (with a capital R) reveries. Everything note played or sung is placed with jewel-like precision. It’s a song suite, but there are highlights, like the tentative piano ballad “All Things Good” or the cinematic blur of “To a Place,” and “Remember That Sky” could be an Adult Alternative single. It reminds one of the misty electronic pastorals of Virginia Astley’s “Hope in a Darkened Heart,” though March has a plaintive alto compared to Astley’s boy soprano tones. Other references: “The Sensual World,” by Kate Bush, “Secrets of the Beehive” by David Sylvian or the 4AD era of folk singer Heidi Berry.

–Craig Laurance Gidney

AUDIO STORY: “Desiccant” on the Nightlight Podcast

The podcast Nightlight produced an audio version of my vampire tale, Desiccant (published in the Slay: Stories of the Vampire Noire anthology). Cherrae Stuart, the narrator knocks it out of the park! Nightlight produces audio stories by Black creators. Be sure to support their work on their Patreon!

Also! The story I co-wrote with Jonathan Maberry, Clay McLeod Chapman and Jessica Guess last Wednesday for the online ONCE UPON A HALLOWEEN event (hosted by Christopher Golden and Amber Benson) is now available for your reading pleasure. It’s called Hack.

October 21 Event

To promote Come Join Us By the Fire Season 2, I will be participating in a one houra one hour round-robin writing experiment where the authors will write a scary short story together, one chilling paragraph at a time. You can register here. It’s hosted by Amber Benson, who was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I have long admired the Buffyverse!!!!)

The Premiere of the “Spyder Threads” audio story

The second season of Tor Nightfire audio anthology Come Join Us By the Fire is now available on Google Play. I’ll be listening to the other stories in the next coming week. I listened to the production of my story Spyder Threads. The narrator, Greer C Morrison, does an amazing job and subtle sound effects are woven into tale. She really brings the story to life!

Check out the new season!

Greer C. Morrison

Evil in Technicolor Release Day; Lovecraft Film Festival

Today is release day for Evil in Technicolor, an anthology of fiction inspired by the Hammer Horror films, edited by Joe M. McDermott. A bunch of awesome authors participated. My story is called “Myth and Moor” and stars Emily Brontë. Please check it out!

This weekend, I will be on two panels at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, happening this weekend. I’ll be on two panels, being iconoclastic with the products of old Howie’s diseased mind.